Six startups from ‘The Pink City’ coming to SURGE

Six startups from ‘The Pink City’ coming to SURGE

November 16, 2015 by Anna O'Hare

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Jaipur, known as the Pink City because of the colour of its buildings, has a great startup ecosystem. According to Nishant and Pranshu Patni, co-founders of CultureAlley, Jaipur “has the right flavours to emerge as a startup hub”.

Jaipur’s transformation into a startup haven appears to be well underway with startups like CarDekho and LogicRoots winning big recently.


With a booming startup scene, it’s no wonder that we’ll be welcoming so many Jaipur startups to SURGE in February. Here are a few of the startups coming to the event in Bengaluru:

EduCommerce Technologies

ARKA Softwares and Outsourcing



Crazzy Bazaar Online Solutions

Reform Track

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