A periodic table of the Indian startup ecosystem

A periodic table of the Indian startup ecosystem

December 15, 2015 by Anna O'Hare

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A report by Microsoft Ventures has predicted that there will be 11,500 startups in India by 2020. This is a huge increase from 2014’s figure of 3,100.

To go along with these findings they created a periodic table, showing the distribution of startups over the ecommerce, mobility, consumer services, infrastructure, enterprise applications sectors, as well as the standout startups and unicorns.

Featured on the table of major startups – the majority of which have raised over $15 million – are the likes of Zivame, Practo and Zoomcar. These companies are set to be represented at SURGE by speakers Richa Kar, Shashank ND and Greg Moran, respectively.

afs The Microsoft Ventures periodic table of Indian startups.

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