Announcing Enterprise Summit at SURGE

Announcing Enterprise Summit at SURGE

October 15, 2015 by Eoghan McNeill

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From business intelligence to big data and FinTech to eCommerce – tech is changing the face of business. You can hear how enterprise is evolving to meet the needs of a digital generation and modern business at Enterprise Summit at SURGE.

Industry leaders and disruptive startups will tell Enterprise Summit attendees how enterprise technology is evolving to meet the needs of modern business and a digital generations.

Enterprise Summit is a standalone summit within SURGE comprising four highly focused tracks, each curated for specific members of the industry.

Let’s take a look at what to expect…

Big Data Track

A track tailored to those working with big data where attendees will hear from leaders of large and small enterprise software companies around the world.

Learn why financial services care about big data, how it can drive competitive intelligence and what makes a big data project succeed at the Big Data Track.

Cloud Track

Cloud Track is the place for those creating innovative cloud computing solutions. The world’s leading tech companies implementing these solutions on a large scale and making their businesses more effective and efficient will show attendees how they can make the cloud work.

You’ll find out whether the cloud is ready to handle the big data crush, whether cloud projects in businesses are being compromised by a lack of relevant skills and more at the Cloud Track.

EWFIOJ Enterprise Stage at our European event Web Summit in 2014.

Enterprise Security Track

This track is curated for entrepreneurs who are find themselves forced to take security into consideration while making decisions in their companies.

Get to the Enterprise Security Track to learn how much cybersecurity is enough, how to develop a cybersecurity risk assessment and how can you protect against threats when every device in your company is connected.

Enterprise Tech Track

The Enterprise Tech Track is tailored to those creating new SaaS solutions and the companies implementing them to make their businesses more efficient.

You’ll hear from leaders at the centre of these IT paradigm shifts and startups vendors in the market, learning whether decentralisation and open source are the future of enterprise software and more.

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