Announcing Marketing Summit at SURGE

Announcing Marketing Summit at SURGE

October 15, 2015 by Eoghan McNeill

Hear from the most disruptive names in marketing at SURGE. Register for your ticket.

Branding, the role of social media and the evolution of the agency – tech is changing how we consider and market products.

We’re delighted to announce Marketing Summit at SURGE. This is where you’ll hear leading figures from the world’s biggest brands identifying and predicting the most important trends in marketing.

It comprises four highly focused tracks, each tailored to a specific facet of the industry.

Learn the future of marketing at Marketing Summit. Let’s look at what to expect from the four tracks:

Social Track

This track is tailored to agencies, brands and marketers, where attendees will hear from the world’s leading marketers and social media experts.

You’ll hear how social will continue to change marketing in the next 24 months, how to deliver the best ROI for your business and what strategies you need to avoid.

Advertising Track

This is the track where you’ll hear from the world’s leading advertising practitioners and advertising platforms.

Find out who are the new vanguard in advertising and what they’re doing well.


Marketing Stage at European event Web Summit in 2014.

Agency Track

The Agency track is produced specifically for those working for or alongside marketing and advertising agencies.

Here you’ll learn how agencies stay relevant in an ever-faster changing environment and if there actually is new agency model and if so how traditional agencies are adapting.

Device Track

Here’s the track for agencies, brands and startups where attendees will find out which new advertising devices are delivering the best ROI.

You’ll learn if wearables really are the new frontier for brands and agencies and what trends will really matter over the next 24 months.

Learn the future of marketing. Register for your SURGE ticket.

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