Exhibiting 101: Rock the floor at SURGE

Exhibiting 101: Rock the floor at SURGE

February 19, 2016 by Anna O'Hare

Download the SURGE app and start making connections now.

The SURGE Startup Series offers weekly tips for startups. Last week we teamed up with Pooja Sareen of Inc42, to bring you her tips on how to hack the media. This week, we’re compiling everything you need to know about exhibiting at SURGE in this one blog post.

If you’re an ALPHA startup coming to SURGE then you are probably pretty clued-up on exhibiting. You’ve read our emails and seen our tweets. But just to have it all in one place, we thought we’d share these last-minute exhibiting tips.

Here’s our three-point checklist. If you’ve got these ticked off your to-do list you’re ready to rock the floor at SURGE.

1. Download the app

Our app is your key to SURGE. Not only does it streamline your registration process, but it also opens up countless networking opportunities. That’s because our app gives you the chance to chat with all SURGE attendees.


Investors, speakers and other startups are all active on the app. So download it now and begin reaching out to others. Make connections through the app and invite them to your exhibition stand where the conversation can continue in person.

2. Get sharing on social

We’ve talked about social media before in the Startup Series, but as the event draws closer it’s now more important than ever. The conversation is happening already, so use #SURGEConf to join in.

Let your followers know your stall number and what day they can find you on the exhibition floor, like Configure.IT have done in the tweet above.

As hectic as it will be, remember to update your social networks with photos and updates at the event. Do this throughout the day and you’ll create a buzz about your exhibition.

3. Know the Venue

Make sure to familiarise yourself with the venue map and where you are exhibiting – by now you will have been sent your stand number. You’ll be in one of five startup areas: Builders, Enterprise, Marketing, SURGE or START. The area you exhibit in is determined by the industry you chose on your startup profile and each exhibition area features startups from similar industries.


Also, make sure to note the location of the Startup Info Point, the Mentor Hours area, the Office Hours area, the PITCH and Startup University Stage and the Startup Workshop Studio (Level 1).

Now that you’ve got the app, joined the conversation on social and know the venue, you’re all set. Good luck.

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Anna is a storyteller at heart and is particularly passionate about telling the stories of startups. After returning from a year working in New York City's tech sector, she now writes for Collision, Web Summit, RISE and SURGE.