Finding Your Match with Vedic Rishi and 25 Other Mumbai Startups

Finding Your Match with Vedic Rishi and 25 Other Mumbai Startups

October 1, 2015 by Claire Petersen

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When SURGE kicks off in February, startups from all over India and beyond will be meeting in Bengaluru. Mumbai is set to be well represented with a number of exciting startups already confirmed, with many more to come.

A diverse range of startups will be in attendance, including Vedic Rishi, who can find you the perfect match on the basis of your horoscope. Let’s take a look at some of the startups from Mumbai who will be joining us at SURGE:


Vedic Rishi

Noveline Technologies

Ayukrt Innovation


Moneyfrog Consultants


Banyanpod Technologies

Wherrelz IT Solutions

Volume Zero

Alive Mind Ventures

Clap Global



Flexi Ventures

TraveLibro Online


Hospitech IT Solutions


Superhero Brands

eClerx Services



Pral VR

YagerBomb Media


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