Get your sales team talking to your leads in under 60 seconds with the SURGE startups

Get your sales team talking to your leads in under 60 seconds with the SURGE startups

December 3, 2015 by Anna O'Hare

Join early stage startups from around the world and exhibit at SURGE

SURGE is fast-approaching. We can’t wait to meet all of the startups making their way to Bengaluru. Here are four that I’m particularly looking forward to scoping out.


Lucep say they get your sales team talking to your leads in under 60 seconds. They want to make sure you never miss another customer on the phone. Lucep has a widget that appears on a business’s website, much like a customer support chat box. The tool creates a virtual queue of prospective customers, allowing the next available person in a sales team to follow the next lead.


A travel app designed for travelers to effectively communicate with travel agents, owners and service providers. It was developed to ensure travelers are properly prepared, informed and connected throughout travelling. It delivers itineraries to travelers’ phones, providing interactive geo-tagged destination guides pertinent to each traveler’s interests.



AboutMyCinic is apparently the first of its kind digital patient engagement and education platform. Their mission is simple. They want to make it easy for healthcare seekers and healthcare providers to connect with each other through information that matters the most.



A fashion and lifestyle portal that aspires to fully globalise Indian fashion. It’s a platform for Indian designers and manufacturers to showcase their collections. They promise that each designer outfit sold is unique. They say it’s a place for testing how well your designs will do in a new market along with trialling how new silhouettes and colours go down.

Join these guys in February.

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