India: What we didn’t tell you

India: What we didn’t tell you

January 28, 2016 by Paddy Cosgrave

SURGE will be the biggest startup conference in India. It will host the most global group of speakers at a tech startup conference there ever.

India is, in the words of The Next Web, most certainly “the fastest growing tech eco-system in the world”. There’s just so much to discover and learn about this 1.2 billion person mobile first market.

But we’ve kept a lot of the details close to our chest. That is, until now. We’ve a roster of incredible speakers, CEOs, investors, media, partners and startups that we can now share. Over 4,000 folks will join us, including 400 incredible Indian startups, who will be exhibiting over two days. Startup applications for 2016 are now closed, but we’ve opened applications for 2017.


If I’m honest, we were nervous from the day we first announced SURGE. We were nervous that it just might not click. India is a much newer tech eco-system. Our team are based on the other side of the world in Dublin, Ireland.

Whilst so many Indian CEOs had attended our conferences elsewhere in the world, we’d never run even a small event in India. More worrying still, many of those who have tried to host tech events in India have failed. But things have clicked and in a big, big way. So we’re excited.

In four weeks we’ll be in India for SURGE and perhaps we might see you there.

And if we don’t see you in India, then hopefully we’ll see you among the more than 100,000 people and companies that will join us at our conferences around the world this year, in particular at Collision in New Orleans, RISE in Hong Kong and Web Summit in Lisbon.


Thanks for your continued support and all the nice things you say.

When we started out with 400 attendees five and a half years ago at our first conference, Web Summit, we never for one moment thought we would be preparing to welcome over 100,000 attendees at our tech conferences around the world. But it’s happening and we’re looking forward to helping curate and personalise the experience of each of those 100,000 attendees. See you somewhere in the world this year.

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