On the Indian startup scene: Five minutes with Propstack Co-Founder Shubhankar Dongre

On the Indian startup scene: Five minutes with Propstack Co-Founder Shubhankar Dongre

October 26, 2015 by Anna O'Hare

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Shubhankar Dongre is the co-founder of Propstack, a commercial real estate technology company that recently announced a $3 million Series A.

Propstack provide real estate intelligence to a range of stakeholders from banks to developers; from corporations to brokers, “addressing this huge missing piece of the Indian real estate market: transparency,” says Shubhankar.

Shubhankar joined us for RISE, our Hong Kong event, this July so I thought I’d ask him about how his biggest influence, how he feels about SURGE coming to Bengaluru and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in India:

Where do you see Propstack in five years’ time?

As the dominant real estate tech company not only in India, but in the region. Ambitions at Propstack are sky high: fortunately so is our energy to see them through.

How do you feel about the Web Summit experience coming to India in the form of SURGE?

It’s a wonderful plan. As the Indian startup universe matures and evolves at a rapid pace, a stage like Web Summit will only propel it to the next level it deserves to be at.

We need deeper engagement with the global ecosystem of new ventures and Web Summit will provide that platform where India makes its contribution.

What are the main challenges facing entrepreneurs in India and how did you overcome them?

We haven’t overcome them entirely. Challenges in our market still exist. I think the single biggest challenge is availability of talent.

Industry seems to be moving quicker than the assembly line of talent production. We manage to get the people we want by offering value to their careers, not just jobs.

Involvement in strategy with the founders, training and the rounded experience of building and operating a venture ground up are some of the things we offer, which is a very attractive proposition early on in one’s career.

We know that Bengaluru is India’s Silicon Valley – where are the other places the tech ecosystem is thriving?

Bengaluru for now will always be the obvious choice. It circles back to the availability of talent due to concentrated existence of quality educational institutions in the region and the small matter of affordable real estate.

But there are other locations too that can and will compete with Bengaluru and probably offer an alternate by being India’s ‘Silicon Alley’ – namely, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad.


Who has been the biggest influence on your career as a founder?

My Dad. The concept of being an entrepreneur, being in control and living ambitions is something I grew up seeing my dad do every single day. I don’t think I know better.

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