Perfecting your social media presence

Perfecting your social media presence

January 27, 2016 by Anna O'Hare

The SURGE Startup Series offers weekly tips for startups. Last week we gave you the lowdown on Bengaluru and its startup scene. This week we’re getting your startup social. Read on for some simple but effective social tips…

So your startup will soon be making its big debut amongst the hustle and bustle of an exhibition floor. Your deck is sorted and your uniform of branded t-shirts have been printed, but one thing is missing. Your Twitter profile is still sporting an egghead for an avatar and you dread to think of the number of likes you have on Facebook. Your startup’s social side? It’s lacklustre.

We all know that first impressions count, but in the digital age it’s about so much more than perfecting a firm handshake. Instead, first impressions are formed the moment your startup is googled and social media footprint perused.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with three simple ways to improve the social media presence of your startup…

Get On It

The first step is glaringly obvious and undeniably vital: make sure you’re actually on a social network. You’d be surprised at how many startups don’t realise the importance of social and don’t bother signing up.

Your potential customers? When they want to find out more they’re going to look you up on Facebook or Twitter. Hubspot research has shown that people expect to find your brand on social, even though they won’t necessarily follow it. So register a username and get on it.

Get Visual

You’ve registered a name and filled out your description, now what? It’s time to think visual. Your company’s social media accounts should boast a clear visual identity. Think: your logo teamed with a cover photo in your brand’s colours. Customise your social network so it feels like a space that belongs to your brand and loyal customers.

Pepipost have the right idea: A strong, cohesive visual identity on Twitter with a logo and cover photo showcasing their brand, plus they’ve chosen burgundy as their theme colour to match.

Once you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to get sharing. A study by ROI Research found that people are most likely to engage with the pictures, rather than links and text statuses, that a brand shares. Try tweeting a behind-the-scenes picture of your office or sharing a striking graphic of your favourite quote.

Get Chatty

Don’t forget the ‘social’ in social media. As a startup with, presumably, considerably fewer followers than Microsoft, you have an advantage: you can have real conversations with your audience. So when someone messages your startup online, take the time to craft a personal response and have a conversation with them.

Remember that customers may tweet or Facebook your startup for customer support, and they expect a speedy response, so keep an eye on your mentions and messages.

Take on board these simple tips and explore your startup’s social side. Happy tweeting, sharing and following!

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