Phynart’s UFO and 11 Other Startups from Pune

Phynart’s UFO and 11 Other Startups from Pune

October 1, 2015 by Claire Petersen

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Startups from all around India and the world are coming to SURGE in February. One of the cities that will be represented is Pune.

Pune is emerging as a key startup hub in India, thanks to the tech-savvy workforce and the reasonable price of office space. We’ve certainly been impressed by the Pune-based startups that will be joining at SURGE. Here’s just a few of the startups that will be joining us:


Opalah Group
Wiksate Solutions
Novosalus Technologies
ShimBi Labs
Arcatron Mobility
SunBrio Consultancy
ThinkSmart International
Birdvision Consulting
Rikwaa Tech Lab
Mindfreak Mobile Media

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