Share drinks and share your location: Six social startups joining us at SURGE

Share drinks and share your location: Six social startups joining us at SURGE

December 3, 2015 by Eoghan McNeill

Social startup? Join us for two days of legendary networking at SURGE.

Salone Sehgal, CEO of TrulySocial and one of PCR’s Top 30 in Mobile will be speaking at SURGE’s Mobile Track.

There we’ll be discussing all things mobile and social with some of the industry’s biggest names.

We’ve also got some great social startups joining our ALPHA programme – here’s a taste…


SEFWE Vdrink is a San Francisco-based photo-sharing community for drink enthusiasts that allows users to remember great drinks, keep up with friends and discover new tastes. The Vdrink guys reckon that drinking is supposed to bring friends together – they try to help.


wqD Storyboard is a location-based notification network. It allows users to share their thoughts at specific locations with their friends, who will then be notified when they are nearby.


Oubler is a social network that allows users to share, socialise and shop within a common platform and rewards its users for doing so. Their management team is made up of people in Canada, United States, Australia and India.

Vdrink, Oubler and Storyboard will be joined by fellow social startups Entourage Wedding, EchoChat and Megnor Computer at SURGE.

Think your startup measures up? Apply to our ALPHA programme.

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