Tuesday Picks: The startup making India a cleaner place and four other ALPHA startups

Tuesday Picks: The startup making India a cleaner place and four other ALPHA startups

December 8, 2015 by Anna O'Hare

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With SURGE just around the corner, we’ve been looking at the incredible startups set to congregate in Bengaluru this February. Today we thought we’d highlight five of these.

From the startup that’s tackling waste management in India to the UFO that can make your home life easier, we can’t wait to meet these startups at SURGE:

Kabadiwalla Connect

Waste is a huge issue in India, with 25,000 tonnes being generated everyday and 75% of this going straight to landfills. With India’s landfills rapidly filling up, someone needed to step in and take control of the situation. Enter Kabadiwalla Connect.

This startup is dedicated to sharing information on local recycling initiatives. Kabadiwalla Connect do this by compiling the data and sharing it via interactive maps on their website. Try it for yourself and take a step towards a cleaner India.



Phynart has been crafted to give you piece of mind. Wherever your location, you can use this device to control your home. Never again will you spend your holiday fretting about leaving an appliance on at home as you can use Phynart’s UFO to control the lights, fans and air conditioning from anywhere in the world.



After noticing how doctors were sharing their insights with friends on Facebook, Rohan Desai set up PlexusMD, a platform for doctors to connect and communicate. PlexusMD now boasts over 2,500 users.

We also can’t wait to see edtech startup Vikilabs and enterprise risk platform epolicy101.com at SURGE.

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