What connects drinks at our flagship event to a $200 million startup?

What connects drinks at our flagship event to a $200 million startup?

October 21, 2015 by Anna O'Hare

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Would HIRED.com exist without a pint of Guinness at SURGE’s flag ship event, Web Summit in 2011?

“Hey, I’m the guy who hacked you your website.”

Allan Grant took an interesting approach when introducing himself to Matt Mickiewicz at Web Summit.

He had managed to scrape 20,000 email addresses from Matt’s crowdsourced graphic design site 99designs, used them for promotional work, and was promptly banned from the site.

Matt, far from outraged at Allan’s brazenness, complimented him on his “cool growth hack” and sat down for a few pints of Guinness and a chat.

Those pints in a Dublin pub at Web Summit 2011 turned out to be the beginnings of Hired.com – Matt and Allan’s three-year-old startup now valued at $200 million.

Matt and Allan’s first meeting at one of our famous pub crawls set in motion a chain of events that saw them establish Hired.com less than a year later.


The website – which pairs the finest talent in tech with the best job opportunities – is hitting similar milestones to Airbnb and Uber.

Most recently, it raised a $15 million series B in December to bring total funding to over $32 million.

It’s been great for us to see Allan and Matt take Hired.com from a pint in Dublin to what looks like becoming a global heavyweight.

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