What’s next for the Indian shopper?

What’s next for the Indian shopper?

February 22, 2016 by Anna O'Hare

Easy payment options, flexible replacement guarantees, ultra-fast deliveries, and more. Some of these very features were what catapulted Indian e-commerce to its current state of play, led by e-commerce giant Flipkart. Now that we have reached a stage where the simplest of conveniences are often taken for granted, what can e-commerce players do in order to keep their customers coming back for more?

Technology has enabled the creation of an enhanced customer journey: one that spans across an array of experiences that customers have in their interaction with the store and delivers consistently at every interaction.

As a pioneer of Indian e-commerce, Flipkart has taken the technology lead. The company boasts some of the greatest tech minds in the industry and has a vigorous focus on creating unique tech-based solutions.

Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal will be speaking at SURGE
Flipkart cofounder Sachin Bansal will be speaking at SURGE

Recent products and add-ons launched by Flipkart have gone beyond the everyday: image search lets a buyer get product listings by simply uploading a picture; Flipkart Lite ensures every buyer enjoys a seamless shopping experience, without an internet connection; Ping allows collaborative shopping.

As more disruptive technologies emerge in mobile and customer experience, it has become vital for marketers to spot trends and stay ahead of the curve. Flipkart believes that technology can play a huge role in creating a whole new world for the customer.

The master behind Flipkart, Sachin Bansal, will take to the stage at 4.05pm on Wednesday, February 24 to talk about wearing the hat of the executive chairman and angel investor at this e-commerce powerhouse. He’ll also be judging the PITCH final, helping to crown SURGE’s best startup.

Peeyush Ranjan, Flipkart’s CTO, is also speaking at SURGE. He’ll be discussing India as a mobile-first society as part of the ‘Strictly come mobile’ panel at 2.45pm on Wednesday, February 24.

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