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Enterprise Summit at SURGE will bring companies both large and small from around the world together.


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What is Enterprise Summit?

Enterprise Summit is a standalone summit with four highly-focused tracks. Discover how enterprise technology is evolving to meet the needs of modern business.

Enterprise Summit has its own main stage, exhibiting partners and startups. 

Immerse yourself with thousands of others in the enterprise world to discover the business-critical innovations that are shaping the future of work and IT.

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Big Data

A dedicated track within the Enterprise Summit tailored to those working with big data.

Attendees will hear from leaders of large and small enterprise software companies around the world.

Why should financial services care about big data?
How can big data drive competitive intelligence?
What will big data’s impact be on the future of advertising?
What makes a big data project succeed?

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A dedicated track tailored to those who are creating innovative cloud computing solutions.

Attendees will hear from the world’s leading tech companies implementing these solutions on a large scale, making their businesses more effective and efficient.

Is the cloud ready to handle the big data crush?
Cloud computing and security risks: How are services really protecting our data?
Are cloud projects in businesses potentially being compromised by a lack of relevant skills?
What is the role of public, private and hybrid in shaping the shaping the the future of the cloud?

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Enterprise Security

A dedicated track within the Enterprise Summit tailored to those increasingly forced to take security into consideration while making decisions in their companies.

Attendees will hear from the companies creating innovative cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses and those implementing these on a large scale.

Threat intelligence versus risk: How much cybersecurity is enough?
How do you develop a cybersecurity risk assessment?
How can you protect against threats when every device in your company is connected?
What can you do to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats without slowing down your business?

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Enterprise Technology

A dedicated track within the Enterprise Summit tailored to those creating new SaaS solutions and the companies implementing these to make their businesses more efficient.

Attendees will hear from leaders at the centre of these IT paradigm shifts and startups vendors in the market.

Decentralisation and open source: Is this the future of enterprise software?
What are the most likely future trends in secure SaaS applications?
What does the enterprise software protection roadmap look like and how will this technology evolve?
How can enterprise applications also be platforms in order to scale into the largest enterprises?

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